Tuesday, April 20


I love, love, love fabric--- 100% cotton fabrics for quilting. They look great, feel better and they are ripe for my collection! Someone once remarked that quilts are strange things—You cut up all this fabric so that you can sew it back together again. And that does seem silly until you see all the wonderful ways that the fabrics come together. Each handmade quilt is one-of-a-kind and that makes them sensational gifts. Look at this beautiful Drunkard’s Path I made for my nephew.

Many years ago, I’m embarrassed to say, he chose the dark green and ecru color pattern and then I had the fun of assembling the fabrics, all of which are prints! From a distance this quilt appears to be made of solids but close up the black on the green and the cream on cream can be seen.

I loved this project because it involved appliquéing circles onto squares. Lots of circles and lots of squares.
Of course I had to find another appliqué project once that one was done. So I started Joseph’s Coat for my niece which involved sewing 6 petals on each of 35 squares of white cotton. I’m waiting for that one to come back from the woman who machine-quilted it.
And once the last of the 35 blocks had been created I was bereft. I had no more appliqué to do! I loved having a compact project like that to take with me to stitch. So I sought another appliqué project to start. And found this mini-fan quilt that I am making with red, black & white and black & ecru prints. Isn’t it handsome? I think I’ll keep this one. And I’m not even in a rush to finish. On the contrary. I love the process and want it to go on and on. This one involves only 228 five-and-a-half-inch blocks!
Quilts are fabulous, aren’t they?