Friday, December 3


Always so exciting, the planning of a new quilt, imagining how it will come together and look. Especially when it's a gift!

I've decided that the blue, white and yellow fabrics that I've been collecting will make a gorgeous quilt for my dear friend Ensley who loves, loves, loves blue. This quilt I've got in mind and on paper will look fantastic in her flat.

I found a wonderful pattern. I've worked it out--- 9" blocks with 1.5" yellow stripes and 3.75" squares and rectangles that are 3.75 x 5.25. I set these fabrics together in the pattern I've got in mind.

This pattern is striking and modern and lends itself to gang-cuts. I just have to work out how to cut them. But the idea is to cut long strips, sew them together and then slice them. I've done it before and it's a real work and time saver.

Merry Christmas, Ensley!