Friday, October 29


One of the worst things about enduring a mouse infestation is that one continually finds more places they’ve invaded. So it’s a like a long-playing horror movie and I’m stuck in the theater.

Just now I pulled out the big plastic accordion folder in which I keep my recipes only to find that the little buggers have been inside it, turning the edges scalloped! (See the photo.)

I always thought they were looking for food, not paper with pictures of food! Do mice eat paper? Well, I just Googled that question and it turns out, yes, they will chew paper. One site claimed that mice have no bones. What? I know they can get through narrow spaces but no bones? Absurd!

I cleaned out the plastic folder and put several nice big sturdy rubber bands around it to make it at least difficult for them to access.

No more kibble left out for my dog to nibble at will. I had to put away the open cookie jar in which I kept his little treats. Those are now under tight lids, which is not as convenient but necessary. I had been shocked to see that the mice had climbed up onto the microwave perched on top of the fridge to get to the treat jar. That buffet is gone.

Anything that might be something for them to eat has to be sealed behind glass or heavy plastic to keep them out.

I got the super to stuff steel wool into any crack or crevice. And believe me, a building more than a hundred years old has a lot of cracks and crevices! I had a mouse super highway along one whole wall of exposed brick and broken baseboard. Had that taken out and steel wool stuffed down in the enormous –by mouse standards- space, followed by foam to cement it in. But even that wasn’t enough.

And they’re brazen! They have scuttled across the floor right in front of me in broad daylight. My dog is useless in the battle. Perhaps there’s more Chihuahua and a lot less terrier in him. Terriers are tremendous ratters. I never heard that said about a Chihuahua!

Tuesday, October 26


One week until the Midterm Elections and I am filled with hope that the American public isn’t as stupid as the Republicans think they are. And dread that they will put these sociopaths back in control.

The differences between the parties are stark.

Al Gore won the popular vote and the activists on the Supreme Court appointed George W. Bush. The GOP claimed a mandate and Democrats were left with the sour feeling of fraudulence.

So did they filibuster everything? Did they obstruct, obstruct, obstruct? No. Some Dems, to their everlasting shame, voted for the Patriot Act, the Iran War and the Bush tax cuts, the centerpieces of the Bush agenda.

But after Barack Obama was actually elected with a real mandate during a time of greater peril for the nation since the 1930s, all the GOP has done is say no, no, and no. They have turned the Senate into a quagmire and made plain their sole agenda: Obama’s failure. They care NOTHING for the country and its people. Their only interest is self-interest and power.

President Obama tries to work with the Republicans. Republicans refuse to cooperate, even voting against things they previously proposed. Sen. Mitch McConnell has made their aim clear: Obama’s failure. That's all they care about. To hell with the nation.

The Republicans march in lock-step. Democrats squabble with each other. (See Rogers, Will.)

The Democrats elected not to impeach Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et alia for many high crimes and misdemeanors.

The Republicans chose to impeach President Clinton for lying about a blow job. If the loonies are given back the House, do you have a single doubt that they will impeach President Obama for being black and having a Kenyan father?

Democrats use facts and logic to make their arguments. Republicans lie and employ fear while scapegoating blacks, Muslims, Mexicans and gays.

Democrats believe in good government. Republicans believe all government is bad. Elect them and they prove it.

Democrats aren’t perfect. But Republicans are evil.

Sunday, October 24


A bright beautiful fall day was the perfect background for yesterday's Tompkins Square annual dog bash. Hundreds of costumed dogs (some seen here) and thousands of observers with cameras descended on the East Village for the annual merriment.
Lynne made an incredible, gorgeous Vegas showgirl get up for Gidget who does indeed love dressing up. And at long last I got to show off Macaroon's butter suit. Some people asked where I found a butter suit. (Answer: "In my sewing machine." Nah. I didn't really say that. But I would say I made it.) But funniest were all the photographers trying to get Macaroon's attention by calling "Butter! Butter!" at him. As if he answers to the word "butter." LOL!

This year's parade was run differently from last year's. The arena was larger and so was the panel of judges. I wasn't optimistic after running the gantlet of those deciding. One judge wrote down Macaroon's name without mentioning the costume. He also didn't want Macaroon's looks of love which were so effective in bringing off the win last year.

But to my surprise, when third place (out of ten) was named, "butter" had brought home the bacon (groomings for the two of us, mine being a $100 hair cut in the East Village. Kewl.) We beat Lady Gaga in blue wig and meat dress, and were bested by "Breakfast at Tiffany's" which was a terrier in a Tiffany box topped with breakfast, very clever. But strangely, we were all beaten by "Shorty the Shortstop" which consisted of three women and pooch in pinstripes and handwritten signs, possibly thrown together yesterday morning. Seriously. That beat lots of really clever costumes, including, sad to say, Lynne's fabulous Vegas showgirl. That was the biggest outrage. I think the judges, like many of the bystanders, did not appreciate that Lynne MADE that wonderful, witty costume and so it was unjustly overlooked. The only cloud in a very sunny day. Lynne's a great sport and will survive but I was sorry that yesterday wasn't like the fun of last year when we both won the same prize.

Onward and upward! Yesterday Tompkins Square, today Carl Schurz!!! Maybe Lynne will get her due there with a new set of judges.

Monday, October 4

I AM SO BAD!!!!!!!

I could not resist these gorgeous new black/white and red prints which will refresh my supply of pieces to applique to my fan quilt blocks.

I have also organized the 224 blocks that I need and my goal is to create 112 black one and 112 white ones. I plan to alternate these. Organization is key to efficient quilt-making and not wasting fabric and time.
So now I know how many of the 3 white/2 black ones and 3 black/2 white ones I need. I will be making a second quilt using the same fabrics so I don't care how many little pieces I cut out. However, I am not sure of the foundation fabric I will be using for the second fan quilt. Hence the need to make only the number I need.
By the way, I think I won't be using the fabric in the top photo, second row, second fabric from the right. It's got a black background but the print is silver and I think it's distracting, so right now I don't think I will be using it.