Friday, December 3


Always so exciting, the planning of a new quilt, imagining how it will come together and look. Especially when it's a gift!

I've decided that the blue, white and yellow fabrics that I've been collecting will make a gorgeous quilt for my dear friend Ensley who loves, loves, loves blue. This quilt I've got in mind and on paper will look fantastic in her flat.

I found a wonderful pattern. I've worked it out--- 9" blocks with 1.5" yellow stripes and 3.75" squares and rectangles that are 3.75 x 5.25. I set these fabrics together in the pattern I've got in mind.

This pattern is striking and modern and lends itself to gang-cuts. I just have to work out how to cut them. But the idea is to cut long strips, sew them together and then slice them. I've done it before and it's a real work and time saver.

Merry Christmas, Ensley!

Sunday, November 7

email from activist.the pen... Read and pass on

The first shipment of beautiful embroidered caps for the full length feature movie we are producing on indicting Cheney for torture, entitled "The Last War Crime", are in the first class mail, and if you have already requested one it should arrive any day. Call it a fantasy film if you like, but sometimes life imitates art. If you would like to read the first part of the script, or request your own cap to support the production, here is the page for that. The Last War Crime movie caps:

And now, tonight's alert. Of all the commentary we have heard in the aftermath of this week's election debacle, we have heard not one pundit yet who actually has a clue about what is really going on. So you will have to hear it from us. Of course, if you have been on our list any length of time you already have, but maybe you did not believe us the first time. We must respectfully remind you that we told you that all this is exactly what would happen unless we took stronger action to demand a REAL health care reform bill in particular, instead of that groaning load of corporate special interest dictated and favoring rubbish we ended up with. And by the way, if we were official prophets you would owe us a new pair of sandals right about now. It was March of earlier this year and the title of our alert was "The Democratic Party's Plan To Throw The Next Couple Elections". Look it up, the text was published on and is still there.

For those with short attention spans (from corporate media conditioning) who think our alerts are too long, we suggest you knuckle down and actually read our words this time and see if they start to make sense to you. And please take particular note we said "The Next Couple Elections" PLURAL. Because this is just round one of the dynamic we foretold. As we predicted then, in round two the Republicans will use their electoral gains to push to repeal the almost universally despised health care bill, despised by the right because it does anything even cosmetically good, and despised by the left because it was fundamentally just a total sell out. If the Republicans fall short on repeal this time, they will campaign in 2012 on the platform that they need to take over the Senate and the White House so that the bill can be repealed, and they will win in ANOTHER landslide of historic proportions.

Alternatively, if the Democrats set a new Guiness world record in the publicly perceived as wet noodles department, they will all lose their seats anyway so the result will be the same. Either way, the Democratic party as a viable political power force is finished for at least the next election cycle. Stick a fork in it, it's done. We see no scenario of possible recovery from this. It's over. The only reason they did not lose back the Senate in round one is because only a third of the seats were in play. The rest they will lose the next time for sure. We are skeptical that primary challenges are even a productive option anymore.

The Democratic party has so totally betrayed the people who voted for them, who had faith in them, who believed in them, we must confront the real possibility that nobody will believe a word coming out of the mouth of anyone running AS a Democrat ever again. And the thing that really aggravates us the most about all this are people still whining that the Democrats need to get a spine. Democrats have plenty of spine when they are arresting people calling for single payer and dragging them out of hearing rooms. They have plenty of spine when they are refusing to allow a vote on even the most feeble of public options. They have plenty of spine when they are calling us bleepity-bleep retards. Rather, Democrats tolerate being PERCEIVED as cowards. Because if people thought for one nanosecond that they were not cowards, then people would have to confront the stark truth that the Democrats are IN ON IT.

They are in on the corporate corruption. They are nothing but enablers, all of them, from top to bottom, front to back, ESPECIALLY the so-called progressives, without exception. They are willingly and knowingly playing the role of Judy in this Punch and Judy show, and NOTHING is going to change about that for them, for ever and ever, end of story, period. We told you after the final health care vote what needed to be done about it. We told you that we needed to build a massive Independent Voters movement, with greater numbers than either the Democratic or Republican parties. We asked you to go to a Facebook page we created for this purpose and just become a fan, that's all, just become a fan. Here is that page. Independent Voters page: Something shy of 7,000 of you did then.

Obviously it was not enough. So we ask you again. Go the page above and just become a fan. Talk among yourselves. When we see 100,000 over there we will know there is some chance for real change. Until then, we are fooling nobody but ourselves. And we close with an exact quote from an even earlier alert, from September of 2009, which again you can still reading in its entirety on, where we warned you that the whole health care reform debate was a total fraud and that no "public option" of any kind would survive in the final bill. is the quote from the conclusion of the alert documented on the page above.

"And THAT is Obama's REAL plan, the one he won't talk about in a public speech, to let the weakest possible 'public option' hang around for a little while as an illusory sop for the terminally gullible, only to bleed it to death before it can actually go into effect. Yes, THIS is Obama's new 'improved' leech therapy." Lord, the hate mail we got about that one. People yelling at us telling us we were full of it. Calling us racists. Read the words again. And now ask yourself in all candor, "Ain't it the truth?" Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

Wednesday, November 3


How can a man be so intelligent and educated and yet not get what a mook like me understands?

The sociopaths in the Right Wing regrouped after their 2008 thumping, stuck together (you gotta give them that!) and made their intentions plain. Jim DeMint(R-SC) announced early on that the GOP planned to make health care reform Obama’s “Waterloo.”

Mitch McConnell stated baldly before the election that their number one goal is to make Obama a one term president.

And newly minted Speaker Boehner pronounced their total rejection of any compromise whatsoever. The Republicans will play ball with Obama but only if they can make all the rules and Obama ties his hands behind his back.

Yesterday’s results were really rather predictable given the polls earlier in the year. The public option was wildly popular and many progressives fought very hard for its inclusion in the weak tea that the health reform bill became. When it was clear that the White House had sold reform down the river from the get-go by making a behind-closed-doors deal with the insurance cartel and Big Pharma, many in the base – like me – became very demoralized.

The Democrats had taken all their political capital and squandered it on a weak bill with some good things in it but which also contained the extremely disliked mandate. So the Federal Government was forcing people to buy health insurance from the bastards who were ripping the public off and dropping them from the rolls. A public option would have been the spoonful of sugar to make the mandate go down. But instead, the White House, perhaps in a misguided effort to court Republican support, sacrificed the base.

I was one of the dispirited many who felt very let down, betrayed even. Despite that, I contributed what I could to ActBlue and made phone calls for Harry Reid, Alan Grayson and Joe Sestak. And of course, I voted for Democrats. I would never not vote.

Last night was more than disappointing to me. I felt it was predictable given what a cup of weak tea we’ve been served by the administration. And it’s not just HCR. It’s their support of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the war in Afghanistan, the fact that Guantanamo is still open and Obama’s people are continuing some of the worst offenses of the Bush Regime.

So I guess the whupp-ass the Right Wing delivered yesterday shouldn’t have been shocking. And given how the White House continues to act as if the Republicans are normal people who can be negotiated with instead of the toxic sociopaths they are, I wasn’t surprised when President Obama was conciliatory again today. Which to me just looks like weakness.

I defended this man when Democrats said he was like President Carter – decent, smart but not an effective leader. “But look at his campaign! It’s brilliant!” I said. It was. But the pod people have taken over and turned him into Rodney King. “Can’t we all just get along?”

Well, no, you can’t get along with people whose stated objective is to reduce the Federal Government to a size that can be drowned in a bathtub. They hate the New Deal and are still trying to kill it. They don’t give a flying rat’s ass for the American people, for old people, for poor people, the unemployed. They have no empathy. Let me say it again: THEY ARE SOCIOPATHS. Their sole concern is themselves and their power.

So the President’s behavior, while laudatory in a perfect world, is utterly inadequate to the task. The Republicans have drawn knives and the President is wielding a feather.

If the President is not willing to listen to his base and grow the needed spine, then maybe it’s time to step aside and let us have someone willing to fight for little people like us. Especially in the face of the tsunami of corporate money and the world of hate radio and Fox with their lies and propaganda, drumming their destructive messages 24/7, we need a champion, a leader, someone with guts to stand up for us and against the bullies.

Maybe being a one-term president is the answer. Democrats need someone like Howard Dean or Bernie Sanders or Sherrod Brown or Dennis Kucinich. A fighter. A leader. This isn’t a debate club. We are in the fight of our very lives.

Friday, October 29


One of the worst things about enduring a mouse infestation is that one continually finds more places they’ve invaded. So it’s a like a long-playing horror movie and I’m stuck in the theater.

Just now I pulled out the big plastic accordion folder in which I keep my recipes only to find that the little buggers have been inside it, turning the edges scalloped! (See the photo.)

I always thought they were looking for food, not paper with pictures of food! Do mice eat paper? Well, I just Googled that question and it turns out, yes, they will chew paper. One site claimed that mice have no bones. What? I know they can get through narrow spaces but no bones? Absurd!

I cleaned out the plastic folder and put several nice big sturdy rubber bands around it to make it at least difficult for them to access.

No more kibble left out for my dog to nibble at will. I had to put away the open cookie jar in which I kept his little treats. Those are now under tight lids, which is not as convenient but necessary. I had been shocked to see that the mice had climbed up onto the microwave perched on top of the fridge to get to the treat jar. That buffet is gone.

Anything that might be something for them to eat has to be sealed behind glass or heavy plastic to keep them out.

I got the super to stuff steel wool into any crack or crevice. And believe me, a building more than a hundred years old has a lot of cracks and crevices! I had a mouse super highway along one whole wall of exposed brick and broken baseboard. Had that taken out and steel wool stuffed down in the enormous –by mouse standards- space, followed by foam to cement it in. But even that wasn’t enough.

And they’re brazen! They have scuttled across the floor right in front of me in broad daylight. My dog is useless in the battle. Perhaps there’s more Chihuahua and a lot less terrier in him. Terriers are tremendous ratters. I never heard that said about a Chihuahua!

Tuesday, October 26


One week until the Midterm Elections and I am filled with hope that the American public isn’t as stupid as the Republicans think they are. And dread that they will put these sociopaths back in control.

The differences between the parties are stark.

Al Gore won the popular vote and the activists on the Supreme Court appointed George W. Bush. The GOP claimed a mandate and Democrats were left with the sour feeling of fraudulence.

So did they filibuster everything? Did they obstruct, obstruct, obstruct? No. Some Dems, to their everlasting shame, voted for the Patriot Act, the Iran War and the Bush tax cuts, the centerpieces of the Bush agenda.

But after Barack Obama was actually elected with a real mandate during a time of greater peril for the nation since the 1930s, all the GOP has done is say no, no, and no. They have turned the Senate into a quagmire and made plain their sole agenda: Obama’s failure. They care NOTHING for the country and its people. Their only interest is self-interest and power.

President Obama tries to work with the Republicans. Republicans refuse to cooperate, even voting against things they previously proposed. Sen. Mitch McConnell has made their aim clear: Obama’s failure. That's all they care about. To hell with the nation.

The Republicans march in lock-step. Democrats squabble with each other. (See Rogers, Will.)

The Democrats elected not to impeach Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et alia for many high crimes and misdemeanors.

The Republicans chose to impeach President Clinton for lying about a blow job. If the loonies are given back the House, do you have a single doubt that they will impeach President Obama for being black and having a Kenyan father?

Democrats use facts and logic to make their arguments. Republicans lie and employ fear while scapegoating blacks, Muslims, Mexicans and gays.

Democrats believe in good government. Republicans believe all government is bad. Elect them and they prove it.

Democrats aren’t perfect. But Republicans are evil.

Sunday, October 24


A bright beautiful fall day was the perfect background for yesterday's Tompkins Square annual dog bash. Hundreds of costumed dogs (some seen here) and thousands of observers with cameras descended on the East Village for the annual merriment.
Lynne made an incredible, gorgeous Vegas showgirl get up for Gidget who does indeed love dressing up. And at long last I got to show off Macaroon's butter suit. Some people asked where I found a butter suit. (Answer: "In my sewing machine." Nah. I didn't really say that. But I would say I made it.) But funniest were all the photographers trying to get Macaroon's attention by calling "Butter! Butter!" at him. As if he answers to the word "butter." LOL!

This year's parade was run differently from last year's. The arena was larger and so was the panel of judges. I wasn't optimistic after running the gantlet of those deciding. One judge wrote down Macaroon's name without mentioning the costume. He also didn't want Macaroon's looks of love which were so effective in bringing off the win last year.

But to my surprise, when third place (out of ten) was named, "butter" had brought home the bacon (groomings for the two of us, mine being a $100 hair cut in the East Village. Kewl.) We beat Lady Gaga in blue wig and meat dress, and were bested by "Breakfast at Tiffany's" which was a terrier in a Tiffany box topped with breakfast, very clever. But strangely, we were all beaten by "Shorty the Shortstop" which consisted of three women and pooch in pinstripes and handwritten signs, possibly thrown together yesterday morning. Seriously. That beat lots of really clever costumes, including, sad to say, Lynne's fabulous Vegas showgirl. That was the biggest outrage. I think the judges, like many of the bystanders, did not appreciate that Lynne MADE that wonderful, witty costume and so it was unjustly overlooked. The only cloud in a very sunny day. Lynne's a great sport and will survive but I was sorry that yesterday wasn't like the fun of last year when we both won the same prize.

Onward and upward! Yesterday Tompkins Square, today Carl Schurz!!! Maybe Lynne will get her due there with a new set of judges.

Monday, October 4

I AM SO BAD!!!!!!!

I could not resist these gorgeous new black/white and red prints which will refresh my supply of pieces to applique to my fan quilt blocks.

I have also organized the 224 blocks that I need and my goal is to create 112 black one and 112 white ones. I plan to alternate these. Organization is key to efficient quilt-making and not wasting fabric and time.
So now I know how many of the 3 white/2 black ones and 3 black/2 white ones I need. I will be making a second quilt using the same fabrics so I don't care how many little pieces I cut out. However, I am not sure of the foundation fabric I will be using for the second fan quilt. Hence the need to make only the number I need.
By the way, I think I won't be using the fabric in the top photo, second row, second fabric from the right. It's got a black background but the print is silver and I think it's distracting, so right now I don't think I will be using it.

Thursday, September 30


Today it's an email from with one of those seductive coupon offers. You know: 15% and free shipping for orders over $35. No harm in just taking a peek, is there? And son of a gun if I didn't find a whole bunch of black and white prints and some red ones, too! Funny how that goes. But not surprising when you consider how I spent time recently cutting out new black/white fans and red corners to replenish my supply. After all, I'm only half way through the 224 needed blocks! So soon, but not soon enough, a squishy package will be arriving!

And yesterday I had the most amazing (and rare) moment of brilliance. As I waited for my dentist to excavate, I calmly stitched one of my fan blocks. As usual, the thread kept catching on the pins which I have always found so annoying and time consuming. Suddenly it hit me: why not move the pins to the BACK of the fabric? Wow!! Has no one ever thought of this before? Am I the first? The only one? Photo above shows an old-fashioned one on the left, a modern, stream-lined one on the right.

Send my name to Oslo! I smell a Nobel! Isn't there a prize for applique?

Friday, September 24


This was the view from my window when I woke up this morning. Prominent is the ailanthus tree that's been growing higher year by year.
Here's another one. I call them weed trees. They were imported from China and thrive on pollution. No wonder they grow like weeds in New York City.

This is the dead ailanthus next to the one growing by my window. Today I realized that someone was back there with a chainsaw. I wasn't surprised that they were taking down the dead tree. What astonished me was that they were taking down the live tree too!
And here's the lumberjack taking down the tree section by section.
Amazing to watch!

So the two trees were both growing in the same backyard and a branch fell down from the dead one and the decision was made to remove them both.
I'm not sorry to see my ailanthus go. I guess I won't see the cardinals so often. But then maybe the squirrels will stay off the fire escape and next year I can have petunias again.
Cutting down trees in such cramped quarters is very different from what lumberjacks do in the woods. And I was very interested to watch it. Will my neighbors on the floors below notice that something's not the way it was this morning? Will they realize the tree is gone?

Thursday, September 23

Wednesday, September 22


If someone says that painting red acrylic onto white organza is easy, I want to smack that person upside the head. It's not!! It's incredibly hard. Even with pencil to guide me. Even with the two new paintbrushes I bought this morning. One is a flat ended one 2 cm wide, same as the letters in BUTTER. The other was the finest tipped brush they had. I used that fine one for the small lettering and the flat one for the BUTTER. As you can see it's a mess! And that's mostly from the bleed through of the paint to the paper towel below then getting back up onto the fabric.

I dug a slightly bigger brush out of my supply and was far more successful with another try on the other side. I may wind up actually getting good at this by the end of the words I have to create.

So here's the good news: I have another piece of organza and I could possibly take what I've learned from this trial run and do a polished version. AND I have discovered that I can undo the mistakes with a moistened Qtip.

Tuesday, September 21


The wide chisel brush I bought is much too wide! What was I thinking or imagining??

The glue-stiffened organza will work, I think. And I experimented with the lettering, tracing a couple of letters to fill in with marker and with paint. The marker is too faint and the paint is the winner despite being more difficult to do. Luckily I have a narrower brush and will just have to suck it up and manage the lettering as best I can.

The B on the right is the marker on the organza. The one on the left is on the paper towel underneath. The U on the right is in paint. As you can see, the paint is the way to go.


First attempts at stiffening the organza with cornstarch -- meh! Even a more concentrated version did not produce the desired effect. Worse, there was a lot of shedding of powder. Totally did not work.

I ironed a square of stiffener onto the organza and while it's stiff it's also too opaque. I don't think that's the way to go.

So now I am trying glue + water. And if that doesn't work....Maybe a can of spray starch??

Meanwhile I opened MS Word to create the lettering. Now I happen to be a very good letterer but I am going for near-perfection here. So I printed the words "UNSALTED" and "4 OZ." and "BUTTER" in the font Gill Sans MT in 48, 86 and 156 sizes-- and btw, I made note of the sizes for future reference.


Off to the garment district I went this morning to fetch the things I need to finish Macaroon's stick of butter costume.

First I scored a yard of white organza, half price, good deal! Then I tracked down a notions store where I found yellow poly/cotton double fold cotton bias tape. Since I wasn't sure of the width I would need I bought both.

Then I walked down to 33rd Street in the shadow of the Empire State Building to a wonderful art supply store called Columbia where I bought a tube of very red acrylic paint and a chisel edged brush. And not knowing if that would work on the organza, I also bought two red Sharpies in two sizes. Unfortunately Columbia did not have a chisel point in red. So now I am hoping the paint will work.

Now I have to test my materials. I will first cut a sample swatch to play with and I will starch it with home-made starch (as I did last year with the lettuce fabric) to see what it's like and then I will try to make red marks on it to see what's what. Either the marker or the paint will work, I hope!

Monday, September 20


Yay!!! My dear friend Anne has dipped into her stash and pulled out these black & white prints to donate to my black/white/red fan quilts. THANK YOU, ANNE!!!


Three inches square! That's what I decided would be the perfect size for the pat of butter than I am inflicting on Macaroon. To make it I took a leftover piece of yellow Kona cotton and then I ironed on a larger than 3" square of stiffener. I then snipped 4 vents and cut up some leftover pieces of batting and put it in place, then I folded the excess fabric up to create the butter pat, placing the ends of yellow elastic given to me by Lynne--- THANK YOU, LYNNE!!!--- so that I could stitch them in place. The result: a hat that looks like a pat of butter!!

Friday, September 17


A few treats and a little cajoling and I got Macaroon to let me fit the jacket that will be the base of the stick of butter costume I am making for him.
I cut and sewed the five sides of the stick.
Then I cut openings fore and aft and ironed in fabric stiffener (which might have been done before sewing-- live and learn.)

Here's the basic costume with the stiffener and with layers of batting up top.
I have figured out my plan! I cut and sewed lower parts of the jacket out of yellow and sewed them on and turned them right side out. The simplest way to make this costume happen is to use white and or yellow bias tape to finish the rough edges. And I need a closure-- probably velcro. I can buy the bias tape next week when I go to the garment district to buy the organza.
This costume is going to rock!!

Thursday, September 16


Up top are new fabrics for the green/tan boxing clever quilt. I think they are lovely!
Across the bottom is the Kona cotton called "buttercup" that I chose for Macaroon's stick of butter costume. I like it and think it will look great under the white organza that will serve as the waxed paper.


One hundred black/white/red fans are now done. Good time to lay some out and squint to get a sense of what this quilt's going to look like. Taking a photo is good, too. This is the pattern I'm leaning toward. Gorgeous, huh?
Better Homes & Gardens' Creative American Quilting has this pattern it calls "baby bunting." Hmmm. I think I should try the black/white/red blocks out like this for the fun of it.

And the green/tan quilt continues to grow as I have sewn more blocks. I just love laying them out and having my friend's kittens race through them, scattering them everywhere before I can take the photo!! But my point of taking this photo is to see how I feel about the assortment of greens. Sorta like a tossed salad.

Friday, September 10


The green tan quilt blocks are puzzling me. How did I go wrong??

I put MY boxing clever quilt on my bed and counted the blocks (14 long and 13 wide) and then I measured them. They are 5.5” finished. Which means they were 6” when I sewed them. Two years ago. I made this quilt in the summer of 2008.

And yet, same plan, I sew 2.5” strips into blocks and I come up short. I am mystified. But as long as my blocks are consistent, they will work. But I have to rework the numbers in order to come up with a queen-sized quilt for my niece.

OMG! I just took out the blocks I’ve already made and remeasured them. They are 6.25” Wha??? I’ve lost my mind! Oy!

So these 6.25” unfinished blocks will measure 5.75” finished. And I was thinking 4.75” Yikes! That makes a huge difference.

What this all points up though, is the value of working out one’s quilts ON FREAKING PAPER before cutting, before sewing, before even buying fabric (unless you always buy more than you need.)

I use graph paper and find it enormously helpful although it won’t make you actually measure the block accurately. That requires other equipment and sharp eyesight. I think back to my early days of quilting when my sister was still living up here and we were fabriholics together and helped each other. My sister created an original quilt with a horse theme for her horse-crazy daughter. She cut squares and rectangles willy nilly and then had to work them into a cohesive quilt top—which was NUTS. And the drop was a border of rectangles containing horse figures which she hadn’t calculated at all.

I recall measuring the rectangles and figuring out how she could make them work by cheating the sashing between them. The eye can be deceived, remember! And I got her borders to work that way. Although I was stunned to learn that she hadn’t worked it all out on paper beforehand.

And on this subject, I have to say that one of the quilting books I have most used and still use is TAKING THE MATH OUT OF MAKING PATCHWORK QUILTS by Bonnie Leman and Judy Martin. For which I paid $4.95 at a store on Third Avenue which went out of business ages ago. I see is selling it new for $60!! But they have used copies much cheaper. I also know that there are quilt calculators on the web. That’s great but I still love this paperbook. It’s incredibly useful.

I have refigured my green/tan dimensions. I need to make 272 blocks for a quilt that’s 16 blocks wide and 17 long. That’s 4 strips that are 4 blocks wide and 17 long (68 blocks.)

Thursday, September 9


A first batch of new fabric arrived yesterday! These are from Hancock's of Paducah and were ordered with the gift certificate I won. Five other fabrics are backordered and arriving eventually.

Above is a blue/white print to go into my blue/white and yellow quilt I've begun to collect fabric for. To the right you will see the start of my green/purple quilt.

Greens for the greens/pinks quilt I've been planning and the bottom one is a Kaffe Fassett I just loved - on sale - meant for this bright quilt. And the background will inspire the framing fabric, a blue-ish gray that will contain the brights and cool them down.

On top I have added the three black & white prints I'm adding to my black/white/red fan applique quilt. Aren't they cute? Spiders, ads and dogs!!

I'm kinda glad some of the fabrics were back-ordered because I still have them to look forward to!

Wednesday, September 8

MAD MEN "The Suitcase" episode 7

Peggy’s 26th birthday was the one from hell. She should be on top of the world what with a career and her boyfriend. But it doesn’t work out that way. Don makes her stay to work on a Samsonite ad, keeping her from her romantic dinner with that little twerp Mark who takes her apology phone call at a table at the Forum of the Twelve Caesars. Later phone calls reveal that this little tryst also includes her mother, sister, brother-in-law and roommate. Roommate? Don’t we know her only from a disparaging remark by Peggy? This little surprise would have been a nasty one. Especially when she was anticipating candlelight.

Peggy winds up spending the entire night with Don—at a Greek diner, at a bar and back in the office where a very drunk Duck surfaces. Wow! I asked what happened to him and their relationship way back at the beginning of this season and now we know. We briefly saw Duck, again drunk, at the Clios. And then in this ep when Peggy opens his gift: a box of business cards for the “Phillips-Olson Ad Agency.” Wha? Not the “Olson Phillips”?? He pleads with her but she rebuffs him with a reference to his drinking.

And now in the middle of the night he appears and is intent on befouling shall we say Don’s office. Peggy stops him. This is Roger’s! Suddenly the two are in a drunken brawl echoing the Liston-Clay prizefight which marks this ep in time. Both short. Don says “uncle.” Literally. Men can be such asshats. Drunks almost always are.

Don is trying to stave off the inevitable moment which he knows is coming. Earlier there was an urgent message from Stephanie in California and he dreads the news he knows he will hear. He’s had a vision of Anna, suitcase in hand, walking into his office. I think he’s imagining her saying goodbye. And when it’s official and he is told she is gone, he finally lets go and sobs. Peggy is there and they bond in a way that they hadn’t ever despite or maybe because of their history.

Don tells her that “the only person who knew me” has died. Peggy tells him that that can’t be true. Peggy imagines she knows him, I guess. But she doesn't. She also tells him that everyone thinks she slept with him to get her job.

And Don asks her about the baby she gave up to adoption, does she think about it? It comes back unexpectedly, she says. He asks if she knows who the father was. “Of course.” I can’t believe Don imagines the truth, that she and Pete had a fling.

And speaking of Pete, we briefly see Trudy in maternity clothes sharing a moment in the bathroom with Peggy. Trudy is one of the most likable characters of Mad Men. Ah, but what she doesn’t know!

This was a terrific episode full of surprise and very satisfying. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

Tuesday, September 7


All morning I’ve been thinking about Macaroon’s stick of butter costume and how I’m going to make it. He’ll loathe the whole process but that’s why treats were created—as bribes. And while he’ll hate the costume and wearing it, he will adore the attention. So it’s all a trade off. Once a year I torture him. He has a fabulous life so he’ll have to dog up.

Now to the costume. Proportions are key, I think. So I purchased a pound of butter and photographed a stick both closed and open. And I measured it. A stick of butter is 1.25” square and 4.5” long. If I make the quarter inches into units, it’s 5 units square and 18 units long. I measured Macaroon (and after many treats and asking him to stand up while he kept sitting) I finally determined that 5” wide would be excellent on him and length? 16” would be ideal for his body length but out of proportion for the butter. It should be 18". However, if he were an already opened stick of butter, I could make the costume 16” and use the organza well to create the illusion of length. Besides, I’ve planned all along to make a pat of butter hat, so of course the stick has been opened and sliced.

I am thinking that proportionately these dimensions should work. And I will help the illusion along by the placement of the printing on the sides. One side has the overlap of the wax paper and no lettering. Two sides say “butter” and 4 oz. and the USDA seal, while the last one has the hash marks indicating measurements. My plan is to hand paint whatever I decide to include on the organza.

But how to organize the sides and coordinate them with the organza as waxed paper? There is reality and what reads best. I will try to create reality by selecting what reads best. As you can see, authenticity calls for the lettering to be oriented in the same direction but that would mean it’s upside down on the side.

I will first make a basic muslin coat on which the butter stick will be built. I want it to be as comfortable as an annoying costume can be and so I will make it soft. Perhaps with fabric stiffener and in pieces with seams and then stuffed with polyfill. The organza will be painted and then sewn on. The pat hat is problematic. It should be 5” square but that is too big for his little head. It would be better 3.5” square. The question will be: does that smaller pat look odd or will it just be accepted? Also since I intend to attach elastic to it for holding it on him, I want the pat not to droop but remain firm as a good pat of butter should.

Lynne has succumbed and agreed to make Gidget into this. I think this will be a fantastic costume! With our skills and Macaroon’s schmoozing, we have a winning team!


When I made the taco costume I was not entirely satisfied with its look despite my photographing Macaroon in it and his sombrero. The problem was the lettuce. It was limp!

I had cut long jagged strips of two shades of green fabric, the same fabric in different shades. I ran thread through the length of them and gathered them slightly then hot glued them to the taco base. But -- limp! So I cut them out of the costume.

The solution was starch!! Online I found a recipe for homemade starch and starched some new shards of greens. You can see them in the photo of Macaroon on the bench at the event. See how there's much more lettuce in his taco?

I forgot to mention other ingredients and how I made them: the beans were dry red beans I just glued on. The onions were small squares of a shiny cheap fabric I found in Spanish Harlem. The tomatoes were painstakingly created-- tiny bits of solid red cotton wrapped around pills of poly stuffing and then sewn and glued on. The cheese was yellow rickrack.

Monday, September 6


Halloween is not that many weeks away. Time to come up with a costume for my dog Macaroon.

Let’s review. His first holiday with me I created a caterpillar get up and paired it with a butterfly costume for his friend, the late great Dudley. We competed in the Carl Schurz Park annual contest as a duo. Macaroon gave a huge shake just as we approached the judges’ table and one of his antennae flew off into the helpful crowd. “A wardrobe malfunction!” I laughed. Of course we did not win. One friend is convinced this contest is rigged.

But that year a very talented photographer smartly set up at various dog costume events and wound up with models for her fabulous book Indognito. Ironically, Dudley the butterfly made it into the book. Macaroon did not. The caption for Dudley was the icing on the cake: “The caterpillar does all the work. The butterfly gets all the publicity.” So true. And triply ironic since I am a volunteer butterfly docent at the American Museum of Natural History. Tee hee.

The next Halloween Macaroon went solo as a Frenchman. I added the baquette with fabric from my stash, appliquéing a second, solid, fabric on top of the print which was a nice realistic touch I thought. Again we lost.

Last year I joined forces with my friend Lynne, an FIT grad and amazing costume creator. She has a Brussels Griffon named Gidget who is a pip and her muse. Gidget and Lynne’s costumes are prominently featured in Indognito and I always bow to Lynne’s greater skills. She suggested that Macaroon would make a good taco. And so I found the materials and whipped up a taco suit for him. Lynne lent me the tiny sombrero which totally made the outfit.

Unfortunately the Carl Schurz Park show wound up conflicting with the larger show in Tompkins Square Park down in the East Village and so we headed south, opting for the better show.

To my disbelief and delight, the taco won our group. Lynne’s fantastic mermaid costume for Gidget came in sixth! Although ironically we both won the same prize: dog beds that were half the size of my apartment. We both got the offering petshop to swap them out for beautiful leashes and we were very happy.

I know that Lynne’s mermaid was more worthy than my taco, proven by the results of the Huffington Post poll of dog costumes. The mermaid won and the taco didn’t even break the top ten! What accounts for this disparity? Macaroon’s schmoozing skills. He started down the line of five female judges, standing on his hind legs and pledging love to each with his eyes. Gidget, in contrast, has far too much dignity to work any onlookers. It’s a matter of style over substance.

So this year I suggested to Lynne that we try to come up with coordinating costumes so we can compete as a duo, or maybe even a group with our friend Terri and her Griff, Roxy. For the past couple of weeks we’ve been tossing around ideas and having the fun of debating them.

The winner for Macaroon regardless of what Lynne decides: (drum roll, please) He will be a stick of butter!! I have already ordered a yard of Kona cotton from Paducah. Online anyway the solid named “butter” looked too light yellow to read as butter. I come from a Madison Avenue background and authenticity is not always everything. How it reads is key. Especially because the butter stick has to be covered with white organza. (Hmmm. A trip to the garment district is in order here.) And that will make it seem lighter still. So I opted for a shade called “buttercup” which I hope will work.

I have no idea how I am going to fashion this thing to make it look square. Just that it’s a good idea. And I hope that Lynne does opt for making Gidget into popcorn—one of those red & white striped boxes. Won’t that be cute? Gidget with a kernel on her head and Macaroon with a “pat hat”?

Sunday, September 5


I finished sewing 72 blocks. (That’s one strip plus 16 blocks.) But I’ve determined that I ought to sew all 224 before I create the four strips. Of course the sewed blocks needed trimming, a step I didn’t take when I first began quilting, I’m embarrassed now to say.

Here's the pile of fabric slivers.

My finished blocks should be 6.5” square but thanks to my less-than-perfect seam allowances, I am guessing, the blocks are all a tiny bit shy. Their being uniform is more important than their being exactly 6.5” so I trimmed them to 6.25” Okay, so they’re a quarter inch off. That means 3.5” of length missing and 4 inches shy in the width. I’ll have to ponder that.

Friday, September 3


The greens are growing on me! Think of the natural world: different shades of green abound and they don’t clash. So I’ve decided to proceed and not worry. Meanwhile, more fabrics have arrived and I love them! Especially the Robert Kaufman Chirp! ones on the right. So whimsical and fun!.

At heart I am a scrap quilter and my philosophy is: More is better! I love a huge array of fabrics and wonderful surprises to greet the eye. What's more fun than looking at a scrap quilt and noticing some unexpected fabric?

But I also appreciate the order and harmony of a designed quilt. So what I like to do is combine them with a wide selection of fabrics (more! more! more!) within a harmonious color palette. And that's what I seek to achieve with my niece's green/tan quilt.

Yesterday I sewed the first 20 Boxing Clever blocks. Only 204 to go! I also worked out the math. The 224 blocks will be assembled in 4 strips that are 4 blocks wide (16 blocks across) and 14 blocks long. Each strip will contain 56 blocks (times 4 = 224 total.) I laid the first blocks out randomly so that I could take photo and see what it looks like. What do you think?

If I whip up 36 more today, I'll have the first of the four strips done. And by the way, I plan to get myself some white flannel which makes a wonderful batting. Has anyone else tried it? It's thin but warm, affordable and comes in yardage, suitable for strip quilting.

And speaking of more, I’m very excited to report, there are more fabrics on their way! The other day I got an email from Hancock’s of Paducah informing me that I was one of the lucky eleven randomly chosen from the thousands on Facebook who “liked” them. This is a promotion I entered and then deliberately forgot about. So what a delightful surprise!

I had so much fun selecting purple and lime fabrics for a quilt to be made one day—more collecting in the meantime.

Tuesday, August 31


I’ve concluded that greens are tricky. There are yellow greens, blue greens and true greens. Judging the colors from a fabric store website is even trickier. And sometimes when the package from or Hancock’s is opened, you get a surprise.

My solution is always to order more fabric. And then surely I will have enough!

Down blog I have pictured a group of greens, tans, browns that I pulled from my stash with the intent of creating a Boxing Clever quilt for my niece and her husband. I also ordered some yummy fabrics from the web and they’ve begun to arrive.

Here’s a set. Two of greens (on the far right) will find their way into another quilt in the future. That quilt is in the fabric-collection stage and exists only as a very bright dream. And here it is below. The two lime greens on the far left originally were purchased for the muted green quilt and are too bright. But I love them and think they look great in this assortment. I think these brights would look wonderful with lots of a solid color to frame it and cool it down a little. White, for example. Lots more thinking here.
Questions remain about some of these new fabrics. I don’t know if they will work together although I hope they will once they are mixed in with the tans.

More fabrics are on their way and I only hope they all work in concert. I love getting packages of fabric. It's like Christmas. Or my birthday.

MAD MEN "Waldorf Stories"

Don is unraveling!

Remember how Betty said she thought she might float away if Don wasn’t holding her down? (And she meant that in a good way.) Well, I think it’s the untethered Don who is floating away.

He over-celebrates his Clio win. (Clios weren’t all that impressive in my day. They were a money-generating machine for the award organization and that’s why there were so many categories.) And makes the poor decision to go ahead with the Life cereal presentation. And when it goes badly he makes the disastrous mistake of riffing lines in the presence of the client. A bigger no-no doesn’t exist in Madison Avenue.

You saw the look on Peggy’s face when he committed this advertising faux pas, especially when his straw-grasping resulted in selling the client a stolen line: “the cure for the common breakfast.” And he sold that only because the client was drunk, too.

And even worse, Don’s drunkenness got him in bed with another stranger, apparently a second one. Which is just pathetic. But in his blackout he loses track of the days and stands up his own kids. That’s unforgiveable.

So he’s unraveling. He hits on Dr. Faye who smartly turns him down. More evidence that they might become a couple. And he’s losing Peggy’s respect which might result in her leaving him.

But the thing most likely to put him over the edge completely? When Anna dies. He will become completely unmoored.

Betty and the children provided Don with a framework and a façade that made him keep it all together. Without it he is adrift.

Contrast his current state with young, ambitious, pre-Sterling Cooper, fur-selling Donald Draper. Hilarious flashbacks to how he broke down Roger’s resistance and got himself hired. And as an aside we see Roger’s giving Joan a fur jacket. The irony of all this is that Roger was so drunk he forgot that he offered Don a job. Or did Don take advantage of his blackout and just say he did?

I have little to say about Peggy’s stripping to get Stanley to work with her. I didn’t find it credible. What’s more, I don’t understand why she couldn’t find a better way to deal with this sexist asshat. She’s clever. She should outwit him.

The Don-Roger-Joan flashbacks were definitely the best part of the episode.


One more good gadget. This one I’m proud of because it was fashioned by a friend and me in answer to a need. I enjoy toting my little appliqué blocks around in a small zippered bag. One of the tools needed is a pin cushion. And I would get stuck by the pins’ piercing the bag. What was wanted was a travel pin cushion.

Rejected were the paper and the little plastic box pins come in because I wanted them easy to grasp. No. What I wanted was a pin cushion that pins could not fully pierce.

And here’s the solution: a small,, I don’t know the word for this. I bought it at the Somers quilt show in May because it was perfect for pins and was small. And my friend Terri gave me the little round plastic box with the screw-on lid to keep it in. It was deep enough to accommodate the holder with pins.

I see on the SEW JOURNAL blog a photo of Clover fork pins in use. And of course I want them.