Thursday, July 29

AMC tv's photo gallery features me!

The official Mad Men website of AMC TV has posted a 10-photo gallery from Sunday night's premiere party in Times Square. Many are of January Jones and Elizabeth Moss, of course. But a few show the crowd, the cigarette girls (revealing what they handed out), the fashion show judges, one fashion show contestant (APRIL!!) and....drum roll here...two of the trivia experts-- me and Janette. (Bummer for Caroline the other winner of Round 1.)

I've also heard from my new friends April and Amberlynn (Berlin) those lucky ducks and April took some amazing shots of the stars because they stayed in the VIP area after the fashion show. April got her errant bag with its umbrella back. And if I can link April's photos, I will share them with you.

Based on the gallery, my hopes are high that somehow I'll turn up in the AMC video. Do you think that's greedy?

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