Friday, October 23


Mr. President,I am reading that your administration is working to WEAKEN the health care reform bill in Congress, by your slavish and utterly ridiculous devotion to pursuing the one vote of Olympia Snowe. Why? This senator has made it clear she-- like the rest of the GOP-- has no interest in reform and is casting her lot with the insurance cartel instead of the American people.

I hear that you are pushing two ideas, one worse than the other. The opt-out proposal is bad. But the trigger is much worse. Anyone with a brain knows that a "trigger" is meaningless. The cartel has had decades and has done nothing but prove their rapacious greed. Why should they be given another day let alone another year before they have consequences? Especially considering that any bill produced now wouldn't go into effect until 2013 anyway!!

We did not work as hard as we did to elect you and majorities in the Congress in order to see such incredible cowardice!! The public wants a STRONG PUBLIC OPTION!! We don't want bipartisanship at the expense of a good bill. WE DON'T GIVE A FLYING FLIP FOR FREAKING OLYMPIA SNOWE AND HER ONE STUPID VOTE!!!Do not do this, Mr. President. Do not think that we progressives are just a chorus of little idiots sitting here to echo anything you say. We expect more from you. And a "trigger" ain't it!!!

We wanted SINGLE PAYER and as far as we are concerned, the public option IS the compromise! You started from a weakened position. Don't compromise anymore!Why do you think we have reacted so positively to Rep. Alan Grayson?? Not that I expect you to speak like him. But we like him because for once a Democrat has a set of balls!! He's not the usual weak, wimpy nambypampies we have had to endure! That's why he's a sensation. You should pay attention to him!

When I think of the crap the GOP rammed through with fewer numbers, I could scream! Did Tom DeLay care about "bipartisanship"? NO!! They got their creepy agenda through.What is wrong with Democrats! Why are you so FREAKING WEAK?????????

I agree with Rep. Anthony Weiner (another strong Congressman you should be emulating) who said that the opt-out feature would be acceptable ONLY if it would kick in after the public option program had been up and running for a few years. That would make it hard for a state to take it away from the citizens. Otherwise, why should be the red state citizens all be punished? Also, the insurance cartel and their lobbyists and money would descend on state capitals like locusts.

I am hoping against hope that all of these leaks to the press are part of some elaborate and sophisticated chess game designed to help us get real reform and a robust public option.If I am wrong and in fact you turn out to be as pusillanimous as these leaks suggest, I will be more devastated, demoralized and depressed than I will be able to say.

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