Thursday, October 15

Speaking Truth to Power

I've written so many passionate emails to Washington. Many to the President. And to Senators Schumer, Gillibrand, Reid, Whyden, Franken and Baucus. Also Representatives Maloney, Pelosi, Grayson and Weiner, two of my heroes.
I should have saved them all along. They'd be a window into my mounting frustration with the process which continues unabated. This morning I fired off these two to the Senate Majority Leader and to the President:
to Senator Harry Reid:

Here's what we Americans care about: REAL health reform WITH A STRONG PUBLIC OPTION open to all Americans.
Here's what we DON'T care about: 60 votes, bipartisanship, reconciliation, Republicans and their potential filibusters.
You make a huge mistake to think that we want a bill at any price. A bad bill is worse than none.
Why in the world are you courting Olympia Snowe? She's made it plain she has no interest in what WE want: a public option. One vote?? She has power over 307 million people?? This is absurd! The GOP is there to obstruct and cowtowing to them is foolish and weak. They did more to wreck this country with fewer votes. They never operated from a position of weakness that you seem to adopt. It's so frustrating!
Why isn't there a real progressive on the panel, like Sen. Harkin??
Ask yourself: Why did Rep. Alan Grayson cause such a storm and gather so much support? It's because he has a SPINE! GUTS!!! That's what we want. Not weenies!! We worked to get you people the numbers and you turn into a bunch of weenies!!
Be bold not tepid. I heard you used to be a boxer. Why don't you act like one? You seem more like the canvas now.
Why aren't you listening to the American people? Blow this opportunity and you will lose at the polls and the country will suffer if the GOP gets back in power.

My only hope is with the House.

And to Barack Obama:

Dear Mr. President,
The Senate has 60 votes. So why is Olympia Snowe so important? She's one vote from a tiny state, for crying out loud! Did the Republicans do anything this stupid when they had fewer numbers?? This is absurd!
First mistake was compromising singlepayer and starting negotiations from a point of weakness. The public option is the line the sand. And if you don't work for a STRONG, ROBUST PUBLIC OPTION, you will have totally betrayed your base, those of us who worked so hard to get you and your Democratic colleagues into power.
And we didn't do all that for you to give the power away to freaking Olympia Snowe. Who cares about her? Who cares about how many votes it takes as long as it's a majority?
Who is giving you advice, Mr. President? I think you should be listening to two people: Wendell Potter (insurance cartel whistleblower) and Rep. Alan Grayson. We Dems responded to him because he's plain-spoken and tells the truth and because he has balls, something it seems that many Democrats sadly lack. And I'm not talking about Speaker Pelosi who has shown admirable fortitude. I'm speaking of the many weenies in the Democratic party who do resemble Neville Chamberlain. In this analogy the GOP is Hitler.
Perhaps you would do well to look at a video of you in New Jersey this summer with Gov. Corzine. THAT'S the man we elected. That's who we want to see!
Be bold! We don't want any old health reform bill. We want a GOOD health care bill.

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