Monday, October 4

I AM SO BAD!!!!!!!

I could not resist these gorgeous new black/white and red prints which will refresh my supply of pieces to applique to my fan quilt blocks.

I have also organized the 224 blocks that I need and my goal is to create 112 black one and 112 white ones. I plan to alternate these. Organization is key to efficient quilt-making and not wasting fabric and time.
So now I know how many of the 3 white/2 black ones and 3 black/2 white ones I need. I will be making a second quilt using the same fabrics so I don't care how many little pieces I cut out. However, I am not sure of the foundation fabric I will be using for the second fan quilt. Hence the need to make only the number I need.
By the way, I think I won't be using the fabric in the top photo, second row, second fabric from the right. It's got a black background but the print is silver and I think it's distracting, so right now I don't think I will be using it.

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