Tuesday, October 26


One week until the Midterm Elections and I am filled with hope that the American public isn’t as stupid as the Republicans think they are. And dread that they will put these sociopaths back in control.

The differences between the parties are stark.

Al Gore won the popular vote and the activists on the Supreme Court appointed George W. Bush. The GOP claimed a mandate and Democrats were left with the sour feeling of fraudulence.

So did they filibuster everything? Did they obstruct, obstruct, obstruct? No. Some Dems, to their everlasting shame, voted for the Patriot Act, the Iran War and the Bush tax cuts, the centerpieces of the Bush agenda.

But after Barack Obama was actually elected with a real mandate during a time of greater peril for the nation since the 1930s, all the GOP has done is say no, no, and no. They have turned the Senate into a quagmire and made plain their sole agenda: Obama’s failure. They care NOTHING for the country and its people. Their only interest is self-interest and power.

President Obama tries to work with the Republicans. Republicans refuse to cooperate, even voting against things they previously proposed. Sen. Mitch McConnell has made their aim clear: Obama’s failure. That's all they care about. To hell with the nation.

The Republicans march in lock-step. Democrats squabble with each other. (See Rogers, Will.)

The Democrats elected not to impeach Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et alia for many high crimes and misdemeanors.

The Republicans chose to impeach President Clinton for lying about a blow job. If the loonies are given back the House, do you have a single doubt that they will impeach President Obama for being black and having a Kenyan father?

Democrats use facts and logic to make their arguments. Republicans lie and employ fear while scapegoating blacks, Muslims, Mexicans and gays.

Democrats believe in good government. Republicans believe all government is bad. Elect them and they prove it.

Democrats aren’t perfect. But Republicans are evil.

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