Tuesday, July 28

A Little Irony in DC

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R- Michigan) has a bill in the House demanding that President Obama apologize for his opinion that the Cambridge, Massachusetts Sgt. Crowley acted "stupidly" in arresting Professor Gates.

This is the text of the email that I just sent to the Congressman:

Now that Cambridge Police have released the tapes, you can hear that the facts of the regrettable Gates arrest do not support your opportunistic bill demanding an apology from the President. A bill which you, dare I say it? stupidly drafted before everything was known. Just what you are accusing the President of. How ironic!
Listen to the tapes and hear Sgt. Crowley say that he had established Professor Gates' identity. At that point, he should have said, "Sorry to bother you, sir. We have to follow up on reports of break-ins." And then he should have LEFT.
Even if the small, cane-using, middle-aged academic had yelled at the cop in his home, that's not a crime. And we know that Cambridge PD realized that by the speed of its dropping of charges.
With all the challenges facing this country, Congressman, and the disarray of your (minority) party, it seems to me that there are far better uses of your and the House of Representatives' time than your ridiculous bill. You've brought yourself some limelight but it's not flattering.
You should apologize."

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