Saturday, July 11

Post Script to my Jackson Comments

Further to my thoughts on Michael Jackson, check out what well-respected NY Times columnist Bob Herbert had to say here.
He's hardly a racist. And neither am I. Despite the reaction by a commenter on another blog. Nor were my words racist, although, inescapably, race was mentioned. Of course it was. When discussing Michael Jackson how could it not be?
As I predicted, more and more dirt will be coming out from under the gigantic rug where it has been swept for many, many years.

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  1. I'm getting really really tired of "racist" accusations being thrown at anyone saying anything negative about Saint M.Jackson. It seems to be okay to bad mouth white people for jay walking but if you say that you think Jackson, a black man, is a pedophile, why then you're a racist. Not true. Just a poor old human being of indetermined race trying to say the truth.

    Hi again! kella -- keep on keepin on!