Thursday, July 16

Some Women are Easy to Hate

1. Maria del Carmen Bousada
This bitch was 66, single and suddenly wanted children. Not a problem. All she had to do was lie to the in vitro clinic and tell them she was 55, which isn't just a speed limit, but an outer limit for being impregnated artificially. Apparently the doctors didn't ask for her drivers license or passport or something. They just cashed her check and sold her some embryos.
Two babies and headlines resulted. Bousada was happy. She had what she wanted. Did she give any thought to what the babies wanted or needed? Not only just a mother, but a mother who could easily be a freaking grandmother who would be pushing 90 at their college graduation if she made it that far.
Well, she didn't. This selfish woman is dead at 69, the toddlers aren't yet 3 and they are orphaned.
2. Debbie Rowe
The ultimate fan, Debbie Rowe happily sold two vulnerable children, who may or may not be her bio-kids, to an accused boy molester, and known drug addict who happened to be world-famous and extremely wealthy.
And whenever the situation opened up an opportunity to score some more money, she would swoop in and pocket some more loot. She even did him another favor with her testimony at his trial. Quite a bargain. Michael got two children and his freedom. Debbie got her horse farm.
Before Jackson's body was cold, I figured that the children's "mother" would be coming around, hand out, willing to disappear again for a price. She didn't disappoint. Except if you thought she actually cared about them.
3. Brooke Astor's daughter-in-law, "Miss Piggy"
Her real name is Charlene Marshall. She's the probable reason for the criminal trial of Anthony Marshall, son of the late dowager queen of New York philanthropy. He's charged with defrauding his demented mother, bullying her into codicils to benefit him and Charlene, Stealing her favorite painting and pocketing a commission when he sold it. And changing her will to cut out her charities like the Library and the Met, and naming him.
The maid who was there to see it all had nicknames for them. Charlene was Miss Piggy. And the son? The golden retriever. Read more about it here.
Charlene dumped her minister husband, leaving him in the small town in Maine where Astor summered, for the aging Marshall, who had real prospects for serious money once his famously generous mother finally shuffled off.
And now in his 80s, the retriever's the the dock in Manhattan enduring the humiliation and possible prison time as unindicted coconspirator Miss Piggy looks on.
I see a thread here. Selfishness. Oh, and ugliness, too.

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