Saturday, July 18

Nice Things

How delightful! A man younger than I am is leading the British Open. Well, now for a long time that statement has been true every year. But this time, the younger man is Tom Watson and at 59, could have been in high school at the same time I was. So I am quite thrilled.
Tiger didn't make the cut, so go, Tom, go! Do it for the AARP.

Yesterday two little girls, one in orange Crocs, the other in lavender sandals, and a woman probably their mom, walked ahead of me in the East 80s. The girls, neither more than 7, stopped and switched one shoe, so that each one was in orange and lavender, and continued, hand in hand.
"Are you best friends?" I asked.
"No, sisters."
"You will always have your sister. Good for you."

A couple of days ago a small white butterfly, a common little cabbage white, fluttered under the awning of my local Korean market. Suddenly it had slipped inside. The clerk looked very surprised. "Nabee!" I repeated the Korean word for butterfly and she looked even more amazed, as I explained that I know how to say "butterfly" in 55 languages.
The little member of the Pieridae family kept flitting around the store. "Please don't kill it!" I won't said the clerk and she took a plastic bag and gently captured the little insect and then gave it to me to release outside. And off it fluttered into the sunshine. A wonderful moment.

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