Thursday, September 30


Today it's an email from with one of those seductive coupon offers. You know: 15% and free shipping for orders over $35. No harm in just taking a peek, is there? And son of a gun if I didn't find a whole bunch of black and white prints and some red ones, too! Funny how that goes. But not surprising when you consider how I spent time recently cutting out new black/white fans and red corners to replenish my supply. After all, I'm only half way through the 224 needed blocks! So soon, but not soon enough, a squishy package will be arriving!

And yesterday I had the most amazing (and rare) moment of brilliance. As I waited for my dentist to excavate, I calmly stitched one of my fan blocks. As usual, the thread kept catching on the pins which I have always found so annoying and time consuming. Suddenly it hit me: why not move the pins to the BACK of the fabric? Wow!! Has no one ever thought of this before? Am I the first? The only one? Photo above shows an old-fashioned one on the left, a modern, stream-lined one on the right.

Send my name to Oslo! I smell a Nobel! Isn't there a prize for applique?

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