Tuesday, August 31


One more good gadget. This one I’m proud of because it was fashioned by a friend and me in answer to a need. I enjoy toting my little appliqué blocks around in a small zippered bag. One of the tools needed is a pin cushion. And I would get stuck by the pins’ piercing the bag. What was wanted was a travel pin cushion.

Rejected were the paper and the little plastic box pins come in because I wanted them easy to grasp. No. What I wanted was a pin cushion that pins could not fully pierce.

And here’s the solution: a small, tight...um, I don’t know the word for this. I bought it at the Somers quilt show in May because it was perfect for pins and was small. And my friend Terri gave me the little round plastic box with the screw-on lid to keep it in. It was deep enough to accommodate the holder with pins.

I see on the SEW JOURNAL blog a photo of Clover fork pins in use. And of course I want them.

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