Tuesday, August 31


I’ve concluded that greens are tricky. There are yellow greens, blue greens and true greens. Judging the colors from a fabric store website is even trickier. And sometimes when the package from Fabric.com or Hancock’s is opened, you get a surprise.

My solution is always to order more fabric. And then surely I will have enough!

Down blog I have pictured a group of greens, tans, browns that I pulled from my stash with the intent of creating a Boxing Clever quilt for my niece and her husband. I also ordered some yummy fabrics from the web and they’ve begun to arrive.

Here’s a set. Two of greens (on the far right) will find their way into another quilt in the future. That quilt is in the fabric-collection stage and exists only as a very bright dream. And here it is below. The two lime greens on the far left originally were purchased for the muted green quilt and are too bright. But I love them and think they look great in this assortment. I think these brights would look wonderful with lots of a solid color to frame it and cool it down a little. White, for example. Lots more thinking here.
Questions remain about some of these new fabrics. I don’t know if they will work together although I hope they will once they are mixed in with the tans.

More fabrics are on their way and I only hope they all work in concert. I love getting packages of fabric. It's like Christmas. Or my birthday.

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