Monday, August 30


Like most quilters, I am a sucker for gadgets that will make cutting, pinning, quilting, basting easier, safer, faster, better. Some gadgets work. Others are disappointments. I thought I would open my quilting drawer and look for both.
Hmmm. First the things I actually use....Scrunchies in 2 sizes keep my spools and bobbins neat.
Binding clips hold the binding while I hand stitch it. Better than pins. The clear plastic 1/4" spacer which I use on occasion. And I still like the rotary blade sharpener although I wish I could replace the filing material.
Curved needles are very useful because I still favor basting.

And I finally tried this drunkard’s path gadget and it totally worked.
Next I’ll look for money-wasters. I wonder which little doohickies you bought that made you happy and which you regretted.


  1. It's interesting to see your gadgets. In fact I was thinking of using a curved needle for basting. Where did you buy them?

  2. Hancock's of Paducah carries them!