Friday, September 3


The greens are growing on me! Think of the natural world: different shades of green abound and they don’t clash. So I’ve decided to proceed and not worry. Meanwhile, more fabrics have arrived and I love them! Especially the Robert Kaufman Chirp! ones on the right. So whimsical and fun!.

At heart I am a scrap quilter and my philosophy is: More is better! I love a huge array of fabrics and wonderful surprises to greet the eye. What's more fun than looking at a scrap quilt and noticing some unexpected fabric?

But I also appreciate the order and harmony of a designed quilt. So what I like to do is combine them with a wide selection of fabrics (more! more! more!) within a harmonious color palette. And that's what I seek to achieve with my niece's green/tan quilt.

Yesterday I sewed the first 20 Boxing Clever blocks. Only 204 to go! I also worked out the math. The 224 blocks will be assembled in 4 strips that are 4 blocks wide (16 blocks across) and 14 blocks long. Each strip will contain 56 blocks (times 4 = 224 total.) I laid the first blocks out randomly so that I could take photo and see what it looks like. What do you think?

If I whip up 36 more today, I'll have the first of the four strips done. And by the way, I plan to get myself some white flannel which makes a wonderful batting. Has anyone else tried it? It's thin but warm, affordable and comes in yardage, suitable for strip quilting.

And speaking of more, I’m very excited to report, there are more fabrics on their way! The other day I got an email from Hancock’s of Paducah informing me that I was one of the lucky eleven randomly chosen from the thousands on Facebook who “liked” them. This is a promotion I entered and then deliberately forgot about. So what a delightful surprise!

I had so much fun selecting purple and lime fabrics for a quilt to be made one day—more collecting in the meantime.

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  1. Your quilt is coming along nicely. Lucky you to win a Hancock's prize. BTW I'm happy for you to comment on my blog and your comments are linked to your blog so there is no need for you to keep promoting it with an explicit link.