Thursday, September 9


A first batch of new fabric arrived yesterday! These are from Hancock's of Paducah and were ordered with the gift certificate I won. Five other fabrics are backordered and arriving eventually.

Above is a blue/white print to go into my blue/white and yellow quilt I've begun to collect fabric for. To the right you will see the start of my green/purple quilt.

Greens for the greens/pinks quilt I've been planning and the bottom one is a Kaffe Fassett I just loved - on sale - meant for this bright quilt. And the background will inspire the framing fabric, a blue-ish gray that will contain the brights and cool them down.

On top I have added the three black & white prints I'm adding to my black/white/red fan applique quilt. Aren't they cute? Spiders, ads and dogs!!

I'm kinda glad some of the fabrics were back-ordered because I still have them to look forward to!

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  1. Hopefully you won't have to "look forward to" those other fabrics coming for too long. I love the animal fabric!