Friday, September 17


A few treats and a little cajoling and I got Macaroon to let me fit the jacket that will be the base of the stick of butter costume I am making for him.
I cut and sewed the five sides of the stick.
Then I cut openings fore and aft and ironed in fabric stiffener (which might have been done before sewing-- live and learn.)

Here's the basic costume with the stiffener and with layers of batting up top.
I have figured out my plan! I cut and sewed lower parts of the jacket out of yellow and sewed them on and turned them right side out. The simplest way to make this costume happen is to use white and or yellow bias tape to finish the rough edges. And I need a closure-- probably velcro. I can buy the bias tape next week when I go to the garment district to buy the organza.
This costume is going to rock!!

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