Wednesday, September 22


If someone says that painting red acrylic onto white organza is easy, I want to smack that person upside the head. It's not!! It's incredibly hard. Even with pencil to guide me. Even with the two new paintbrushes I bought this morning. One is a flat ended one 2 cm wide, same as the letters in BUTTER. The other was the finest tipped brush they had. I used that fine one for the small lettering and the flat one for the BUTTER. As you can see it's a mess! And that's mostly from the bleed through of the paint to the paper towel below then getting back up onto the fabric.

I dug a slightly bigger brush out of my supply and was far more successful with another try on the other side. I may wind up actually getting good at this by the end of the words I have to create.

So here's the good news: I have another piece of organza and I could possibly take what I've learned from this trial run and do a polished version. AND I have discovered that I can undo the mistakes with a moistened Qtip.

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