Tuesday, September 7


When I made the taco costume I was not entirely satisfied with its look despite my photographing Macaroon in it and his sombrero. The problem was the lettuce. It was limp!

I had cut long jagged strips of two shades of green fabric, the same fabric in different shades. I ran thread through the length of them and gathered them slightly then hot glued them to the taco base. But -- limp! So I cut them out of the costume.

The solution was starch!! Online I found a recipe for homemade starch and starched some new shards of greens. You can see them in the photo of Macaroon on the bench at the event. See how there's much more lettuce in his taco?

I forgot to mention other ingredients and how I made them: the beans were dry red beans I just glued on. The onions were small squares of a shiny cheap fabric I found in Spanish Harlem. The tomatoes were painstakingly created-- tiny bits of solid red cotton wrapped around pills of poly stuffing and then sewn and glued on. The cheese was yellow rickrack.

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