Tuesday, September 21


Off to the garment district I went this morning to fetch the things I need to finish Macaroon's stick of butter costume.

First I scored a yard of white organza, half price, good deal! Then I tracked down a notions store where I found yellow poly/cotton double fold cotton bias tape. Since I wasn't sure of the width I would need I bought both.

Then I walked down to 33rd Street in the shadow of the Empire State Building to a wonderful art supply store called Columbia where I bought a tube of very red acrylic paint and a chisel edged brush. And not knowing if that would work on the organza, I also bought two red Sharpies in two sizes. Unfortunately Columbia did not have a chisel point in red. So now I am hoping the paint will work.

Now I have to test my materials. I will first cut a sample swatch to play with and I will starch it with home-made starch (as I did last year with the lettuce fabric) to see what it's like and then I will try to make red marks on it to see what's what. Either the marker or the paint will work, I hope!

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