Tuesday, September 21


First attempts at stiffening the organza with cornstarch -- meh! Even a more concentrated version did not produce the desired effect. Worse, there was a lot of shedding of powder. Totally did not work.

I ironed a square of stiffener onto the organza and while it's stiff it's also too opaque. I don't think that's the way to go.

So now I am trying glue + water. And if that doesn't work....Maybe a can of spray starch??

Meanwhile I opened MS Word to create the lettering. Now I happen to be a very good letterer but I am going for near-perfection here. So I printed the words "UNSALTED" and "4 OZ." and "BUTTER" in the font Gill Sans MT in 48, 86 and 156 sizes-- and btw, I made note of the sizes for future reference.

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